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Eliminate Poor Air: Eden Air Purifier targets Bad Smells, VOCs, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Mould, Odours, Car Gases, Dust, Bacteria, Pollen, Allergens, Smoke and many more. In short, All-In-One Solution for Purifying Air in the Residential and Commercial Spaces.

Four-Stage Cleaning Mechanism: Ensures Satisfactory Cleaning Performance with Four Stage Filter System:
i. Pre-Filter
ii. Fibre-coated Active Carbon Filter
iii. True HEPA 99.45% Filter
iv. PM2.5 Plasma Sanitization Ionizer (5,000,000/Cm3)

Swedish Designed: Advanced Model to Serve New Generation with Elegant Shape Designed using High-Strength Aluminium Alloy Material.

Portable Solution: Light in Weight and Easy to Carry: Suitable for Homes, Kitchen, Bedroom, Kids Study Room, Car and Office.


Hand Motion Sensor: Easy Switching Between Multiple Speed Ranges with Simple Hand Swipe Motion. Safe Solution for Cooking and Driving Hours.

Digital Smart Display: Loaded with Live Indicators to Display Instant Details about Air Quality, Humidity Levels and Temperature Ranges.

360° Air Inlet: Designed with 408 Air Holes Promising All Round Suction. It Can Clean Up to 10m3 Space in One Go.

Turbine Fan: Strategically Placed on the Top Portion to Ensure Adequate Circulation of Clean Fresh Air in the Premises.

Low Noise: Silent Operation with 35db Turbo Mode and 29db Soft Mode. You can Enjoy Clean Air without Any Annoying Noise Around.


Air Circulation Rate: Highly Efficient and Reliable Solution with Ability to Clean 6 Times per Hour in a 3m2 Space. Can Clean Up to 400L Per Minute and 576,000L in a Day.

USB Powered: Convenient to Use with USB Power 5V/4W Connectivity. Can be Connected to Wireless Power Bank, Wall Plug and Laptop.

Other Specs:
• Overall Weight 310g.
• Size 66x66x180mm.
• 2 Air Speeds (Soft and Turbo)
• 4 Unique Settings: On/Soft/Turbo/Off

Contains: Package Comes with USB Power Cable, Eden Air Purifier Body, Box and User-Manual.


Eden Air Purifier

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